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Learn WordPress With Ibrahim

Learn WordPress with Ibrahim is a tutorial series we created for ourselves as well as other WordPress enthusiasts to learn and improve their knowledge of the most famous Content Management System in the World.

The beauty of WordPress is in its UI/UX, the interface is beautifully designed so that non-technical people or (“Muggles” as we call them) can easily understand the way to operate and manage their blogs and or websites.

So, the big question, why learn WordPress? To many developers and programmers out there WordPress is for the lazy, the non-tech savvy. While that is kind of true it’s also false, let me explain.

If you are a developer and is building a website for a client from scratch without any framework that would take around two weeks (working all day and been extremely fast) depending on the complexity of the project. With a framework the job can be finished in a week or less but with WordPress the job can be finished in 2 days (I built and hosted a site in less than 24 hours).

So the downside of building from scratch occurs when you want to scale, building a site in two weeks is okay building 4 or more is unrealistic. And its plain stupid to build your own car just because you know how to.

That said lets dive into the outline of this tutorial.

What you will learn:

  1. How to set up local development environment
    1. With XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP etc.
  2. How to install WordPress
  3. The way WordPress works
  4. How to install themes and plugins
  5. Introduction to Gutenberg
  6. Difference between pages and posts
  7. Introduction to editors and how to use them
  8. How to create a landing page
  9. Building Startup Xone website
  10. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization and Yoast
  11. How to buy domain and host your website
  12. WordPress site migration to a live server
  13. Common errors in WordPress development and their solutions

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